Message from Guy Barnett

Welcome to the first TMSA Newsletter.

Men’s sheds play an important role in our communities and provide a supportive environment where men form friendships, learn skills and help the local community.

I am pleased to support our Men’s Sheds in my role as Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier.

Men’s sheds are welcome to contact my office on (03) 6165 7751 with any queries.

Guy Barnett MP

Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier

Tasmanian Men’s Shed . First Edition of “SHED NEWS”.

Welcome the first edition of Shed News.

Since commencing with the TMSA in January, I have had the privilege of visiting more than 50% of the 46 sheds around Tasmania and meet some great people.

One really interesting aspect of the sheds is the wide range of activities that are undertaken. This varies from lots of working with tools to watching old movies, all with the aim of providing support to the shed members.

There is an enormous skill and knowledge base within the membership and it has become obvious to me that WE (being everyone involved with sheds) do not share all our experiences, mostly because we do not know what other sheds are doing.

So, one of the main aims of this Newsletter is to share the experiences of sheds and members with other shedders across Tassie.

My vision is for a regular publication that members will look forward to receiving to provide them with information of what is happening with other sheds, new inventions or ways of undertaking activities, functions with other sheds and much more. It may evolve to include advertising from regular suppliers and others.

Sheds may wish to advertise for equipment they need or disposal of gear they no longer want.

Aurora Energy has provided sponsorship to the TMSA that has enabled us to produce and circulate this newsletter to you.

We are hoping to establish a long term partnership to support your association. So a great thank you to AURORA ENERGY.

Eventually, I would like to see an editorial team from sheds preparing your Newsletter for you.

But, we need to start somewhere and this is my attempt to get it started.


Geoff Marsh

Executive Officer TMSA

New Website

At TMSA we have been looking forward to having our website given a major facelift.

If there is anything you would like included on our website, please contact us with your suggestions.