The CMS was officially opened on Saturday, 13 May 2017 by the Honourable Mathew Groom MP, Minister for State Growth and member for Denison.The idea for a CMS was born over a beer Friday lunchtime on 16 September between Martin Watkins and Brian Johnson both residents of the Cadbury Estate which is encompassed by greater Claremont. The idea was further reinforced when Martin told his wife Suzanne what was planned and she wholeheartedly supported it.

Searching for a likely location became Martin’s everyday activity while Brian sat back and looked at maps and Google Earth. Neither came up with anything concrete in the first few weeks until Martin happened on the President of the Claremont Golf Club who said “drop me a line and I’ll take it to the committee”.

Short story; the Claremont Golf Club had just had a new residential development approved by the Glenorchy City Council. This development meant a new maintenance workshop would have to be built. It was considered by the Claremont Golf Club to be good PR to include the Claremont Men’s Shed in that structure. Discussions then took place about the size and exact location.

While all this was going on Martin had called a public meeting at the Claremont Golf Club to assess the reaction of the residents of Claremont. To say it was met with great enthusiasm would be an understatement. Neither Martin nor Brian had anticipated the level of acceptance from the public or the corporate sector.
It was brilliant!

The big problem was that we needed a venue now, not in 12 months time. Martin, with his usual get up and go, got in touch with Martin Kelly, Manager of the Vantage Hotel Group who own the Claremont Hotel and asked what plans they had for the old, now disused, petrol station at the Southern end of the Claremont Hotel.
The answer was “nothing, what do you want it for?” Martin Watkins replied “a temporary home for the Claremont Men’s Shed” and there it is. Up and running in nine short months with a rapidly growing membership!